I det fynske folks tjeneste

Broadcast facilities



Assistance for Hans Christian Andersen Productions

TV 2/FYNS  speciality is Funen, the island on which Hans Christian Andersen spent his early years.

We are based in Odense, where both the author and the idea for the international Hans Christian Andersen year in 2005 were born.

TV 2/FYN is working closely with Hans Christian Andersen 2005 and can provide foreign TV stations with equipment and facilities for hire, access to an extensive picture archive and assistance with planning and production management.

Archive with footage related to Hans Christian Andersen TV 2/FYN has a very large video archive about the author's life and works in Denmark. Here you can find, for example, historical images of Odense where the author was born and grew up of his childhood home and contemporary pictures from important Hans Christian Andersen events.

Staff, equipment and facilities
We can offer equipment for hire and assistance from employees experienced with recording, editing, production management, link-up and SNG, (see price list). If you need a permanent base, it is also possible to hire editing premises from us.

Pricelist                                                                     DKK     USD
SNG uplink incl. SNG operator 8 hours                  9.500   1.270
ENG incl. Cameraman DVC pro/Betacam 8 hours     6.500     870
ENG incl. Cameraman DVC pro/Betacam4 hours      4,500     600
Additional hours                                                 950     130
Editing facilities incl. editor 8 hours                      7.000     940
Per hour                                                         1.250     170

Technical facilities:
Camera: Thomson LDK 150
Format: DV50/DV25   4:3 / 16:9  

ENG: Betacam SP
Camera: Ikegami HL 55 -V55   4:3

Editing: Avid Unity for News
Newscutter XP
Newscutter FX
Mediacomposer 9000

SNG: Advent Newsswift
Camera: Phillips LDK 100

Studio facilities: 250 m2, 1-6 Philips LDK 100 cameras,
Phillips DD35 Switcher   

Contact tv2fyn@tv2fyn.dk or Ken Petersen
Technical manager, at kepe@tv2fyn.dk

Olfert Fischers Vej 31
5220 Odense SØ, Denmark
Telephone: +45 63 15 60 00
Fax:             +45 63 15 60 70

Further information: www.hca2005.com